Sending a Car Overseas?


A few things to think about before you send a car overseas:


  1. When exporting a motor vehicle from the United States, the exporter must provide documents that demonstrate proof of ownership. In almost all cases, this will be the certificate of title. Both the original documents and multiple copies will be needed.
  2. New cars that have never been titled can be exported by submitting a document known as a manufacturer’s statement of origin. The manufacturer’s statement of origin may be obtained from your car dealer. The original and two copies must be presented to Customs.  
  3. The car is subject to Customs inspection at the time of export. If international auto transport is by ship or plane, both the vehicle and ownership documents must be presented to Customs at least 72 hours before lading. The Customs will conduct its inspection at that time.
  4. The car will be authorized for export only after Customs has inspected it and certified that the ownership documents are considered in proper order. Your original title is then be stamped to certify that your vehicle was exported from the United States.

          Al has a TWIC card for ports, however these tows need planning, as           ports are NOT open on weekends, and Al has a full time job.

           Both Al n Dawn hold Military ID so access to Base Sites is also easy